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Yerevan parks tested by my kids(continued)

Lover’s Park: Very nice but not very suitable for very young active kids. Lots of restrictions (no playing on the green, no throwing pebbles in the water…). Unless you have a child who likes sitting on a nice bench and reading a book or taking a nice walk, it is not a place where children can play freely. I think it is mostly designed for adults or quiet and calm kids. My daughters enjoyed the art corner very much though. There is toilet facilities and the park is really clean and you can find good sandwiches for your little ones.
Disadvantages: not very big or no large areas to play active games (with ball).

Santa Fe’s playground(near cascade, facing Tumanyan statue): For the past couple of years, this place was a lifesaver for us. It has the most secure (relatively to others) play equipment for kids older than 3. Very interesting slides, climbers and swings. They also have real sand covering the play area, so children can go barefoot and enjoy playing with it. Last year they also added a craft corner (ceramics) in the afternoons. They also have a green area where kids can run freely and play ball. Near the playground you have the café and adults can sit and enjoy a drink or food while watching the kids. Toilet costs 100Drams per use.
Disadvantage: Gets too crowded especially in the evenings and not very fun for the younger ones. Service sucks at the café, so you have to be very patient.

Luna parks: I personally don’t like them at all, too noisy, artificial and very bad quality. We go there very rarely, on occasions to do something different. My kids enjoy some of the rides. The one on the corner of Khandjian and Tigran medz has rides for all ages. Toilets are very dirty and service unfriendly.

Freedom Park (monument): still very soviet era rides, weather is nice and is spacious. My kids have usually lots of fun there and you could spend almost half a day or more, nice shady areas. Usually packed in the weekends. It is nice to go there with a group. Toilet dirty but don’t have lots of choice.


  1. great post! I do completely agree! thanks for sharing your experience.

  2. Some additions:

    * Mankakan erkathughghi (children railway)
    An excellent place. Kids love it and it doesn't get boring, although it is a sort of lunapark, but really the best one in Yerevan. The air is very clean and the place stays cool even during hot summer. There are bumper cars, bumper boats, big (but old) railway station, small train for kids and some other great attractions.

    * Thumanyan park (near the Kievyan bridge)
    An excellent place with very clean air. There are some playgounds there and a new big footbal field (in construction as of July 30 2012). Lots of trees to klimb on.

    * Play City (www.playcity.am)
    A wonderful place with the very best attractions I've see in Armenia. There is a mini-gold field, karting for kids, bumper-cars, shooting canons, labyrinth and much more.