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New Year's Adventure in Magical Vienna, Day 2: My Fair Lady Musical at Volksoper

Metro ride and beautiful scenery
Our second day started with coffee and croissants at the nearby bakery/coffee house with the little one, while the older kids were still sleeping and recuperating from a long day of traveling and walking.

Today's major plan was to take the metro and travel around Vienna, then attend a musical show. One of our friends living there, had recommended us the Volkspor (the people's theater). For budget travelers with kids, it was quite an affordable place to look for concerts and shows. They have an online easy access reservation procedure and we were able to buy standing tickets for all of us (costing 3 Euro per person).


New Year's Adventure in Magical Vienna: Day 1 - Arrival

Kiev International airport
One of the good sides of living in Armenia, compared to Canada is being so close to European countries and many other places and have the possibility to travel with a big family on small budget. So this year, we decided to discover Vienna with the kids and spend the new year there!

For the travel part, I have heard so many bad comments about the service on Ukrainian Airlines for the past year, that i was pleasantly surprised when our flights through Kiev, including the transit went completely smoothly with no major delays or unpleasant surprises. The Kids slept almost during the whole flights and we arrived to Vienna early morning with all our luggage and well rested.