About my life in Armenia, about being a mom and an activist, working for women's rights.
The challenges and benefits of raising a family in a post-soviet republic.
Finding a place, my place and calling it HOME.


Lake Sevan, day 1: Wishup Shore

I was avoiding Sevan lake for the past couple of years. The major part of the area had become over the years a barbecue joint with little space left in nature to enjoy swimming and rest on the shore. An overflow of poorly designed restaurants with a bad taste of music had taken over most of the touristic parts.
Being born near the mediterranean and now living in a land-locked country for the past 13 years surrounded mainly by mountains, i often feel the urge to be near the sea. So a trip to lake Sevan remains the only alternative for the moment.



Summer is really hot in Yerevan!

It is quite challenging to find good summer camps for teenagers and older kids in Armenia. There is a good number of summer schools, camps for 6-11 year-olds, even play groups for 4-6 year-olds but if you are looking for summer activities for 11+ year-old kids and teenagers, your options are limited.
Ayrudzi is one of those few places where older kids have the opportunity to be away from the city heat and rest in the serenity of nature surrounded by amazing horses and friendly dogs.
The camp is situated in Ashtarak and is founded by a phenomenal person, known as "Keri Gagik". He is a passionate of anything related to nature, animals and more specifically horses. He has been teaching kids for the past several decades how to understand, care for and love horses. Kids respect him and listen carefully to his valuable lessons about nature and life. He is also a great storyteller and knows how to help children to face their fears of animals. A couple of years ago, he helped my second daughter to get over her fear of dogs. It took him a day and she was already happily integrated in the camp life and playing with the dogs.