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Armenian Pregnancy chronicles #4

It has been a hectic month with the holidays and the many projects going on at the Women’s Center, I became lazy and ended up not blogging at all.

I am now 35 weeks pregnant and starting to feel heavy and exhausted. To keep myself active and healthy I am going to prenatal yoga classes at Shoonch. It is helping me a lot physically and morally, and giving me some quiet time away from home and work.

Just before the session (I arrive early, most of the time) I sit quietly in one corner and wait for the other participants to arrive. It is actually an interesting time, where Armenian pregnant women gather in one space, sit comfortably, caressing their bellies exchanging information, comparing pregnancy symptoms, doctors and mother-in-laws’ unnecessary (and sometimes scary) advices. In Armenia, it is very common that mother-in-laws will take care of everything once the bride is pregnant; choosing the doctor and escorting her to prenatal visits, deciding what she can do and what she can't, what to wear and what not. The husband becomes secondary and a little detached from the whole process.