About my life in Armenia, about being a mom and an activist, working for women's rights.
The challenges and benefits of raising a family in a post-soviet republic.
Finding a place, my place and calling it HOME.


Adventures in France: Aix-en-Provence, Marseille, La Ciotat

After spending a night in Toulouse, we woke up early to continue our drive to Marseille. We rented a nice house in the Anse of Malmousque, in Marseille for us and the grand-parents. We were planning to be there before 2pm to settle down and pick up the grand-parents from the airport. We safely arrived a little later than expected and right in the middle of Marseille traffic! The landlady greeted us with a nice smile and gave us a short introduction of the area and which beaches were best.

It was a nice little house with creative designs, a small well organized garden and a swimming pool. The main problem was to find a parking space in the Really tiny streets around the house. It was almost impossible! People were parked on the sidewalks. It is a miracle how they fit their cars in such small spaces.


Adventures in France: Toulouse and Montpellier

After the wedding brunch on sunday, we started the next part of our adventure: heading towards south of France. the first stop was Toulouse. Unfortunately, the weather was a little colder and it as raining all the time. We tried to walk a little in the center, but almost everything was closed in the afternoon and no people around. This is how week-ends look in some european countries; people know how to rest and take a break from work and everyday life.


Kids were a little tired from the long drives, so we decided to drop our stuff in a budget hotel and take a walk in downtown Toulouse, place de Capitole.