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The challenges and benefits of raising a family in a post-soviet republic.
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Adventures in France: Les Maritimes, La Rochelle and l'Atlantique

After a 5 hour drive, we finally reached La Rochelle and the Atlantic shore of France. On the way, we were greeted by a beautiful scenery, well maintained green lands, old and unique houses(some castles).

When you travel with kids, you discover things that you wouldn't see otherwise, like the cloud sculptures, the imaginary wolfs hidden behind the trees, the magic of bridges and many more. 

The Charentes region, on the west coast of France has amazing sceneries of vast green and golden prairies, historical castles and sandy beaches. 


Adventures in Paris: Day two

Today was Euro-Disney day!

Although I don't like the place and the whole concept of Disney, I made an extra effort to make the journey, since the kids were so excited about it.
The good thing was that we had beautiful weather and we walked a lot.

Euro-Disney had all the capitalist lures possible targeting both parents and kids. The rides were not that exceptional, i would say but average, some even boring. The kids were having fun, since there was a lot to discover, like the train ride, the doll house and Alice in Wonderland Labyrinth. Everywhere we could see little girls dressed in princesses walking(although not practical at all to go on the rides) and little boys dressed in peter pan and pirates...AAAh! Real propaganda going on:)


Adventures in Paris: Day one

Yes, finally we are taking that long-awaited family vacation with the whole bunch.

Paris is the first destination! Lots of planning needed when you are travelling with a 3, 9, 11 and a 13 year old, to keep everyone almost satisfied. The flight Yerevan-Paris was great. Kids slept most of the time and my 3yr old was so mesmerised with the whole plane flying thing that he was stuck on the little window almost the whole time, with a series of questions: "why is this not faster? i see clouds dropped on earth, what if fire comes out of the wings, why is the black sea, blue?" and many more.