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Adventures in France: Toulouse and Montpellier

After the wedding brunch on sunday, we started the next part of our adventure: heading towards south of France. the first stop was Toulouse. Unfortunately, the weather was a little colder and it as raining all the time. We tried to walk a little in the center, but almost everything was closed in the afternoon and no people around. This is how week-ends look in some european countries; people know how to rest and take a break from work and everyday life.


Kids were a little tired from the long drives, so we decided to drop our stuff in a budget hotel and take a walk in downtown Toulouse, place de Capitole.

The good thing is that we previously found small budget family hotels to have a good night sleep on the way, with an average daily budget of 40-50 Euro for the whole room, although a little small for 6 people, but comfortable.
our tight room

After one night spent in Toulouse, we took another long drive to Montpellier. Kids were getting better in the car. The younger one was busy with play-dough and his little animals and looking around watching for bears and wolfs on the road. The older ones were singing and listening to music, chatting and arguing. Overall, it was much better that our first ride.

We stopped shortly in Montpellier for a quick walk and delicious ice-cream, then to our final destination: Marseille!

PS: thank goodness for croissants, street entertainers and GPS! 

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