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Adventures in Paris: Day two

Today was Euro-Disney day!

Although I don't like the place and the whole concept of Disney, I made an extra effort to make the journey, since the kids were so excited about it.
The good thing was that we had beautiful weather and we walked a lot.

Euro-Disney had all the capitalist lures possible targeting both parents and kids. The rides were not that exceptional, i would say but average, some even boring. The kids were having fun, since there was a lot to discover, like the train ride, the doll house and Alice in Wonderland Labyrinth. Everywhere we could see little girls dressed in princesses walking(although not practical at all to go on the rides) and little boys dressed in peter pan and pirates...AAAh! Real propaganda going on:)

My 3yr old was mainly impressed by the train and the doll house where you could find all kinds of dolls from different countries. They were singing endlessly "It's a Small World After All" with eyes moving the same way, a little smirk on their faces and dressed in psychedelic colors...really freaky(hello Chucky!) The most annoying about it is that the song stayed with me until this morning!

The older ones were having a great time in the roller-coasters and the Buzz Lightyear ride. Most of the rides had long lines and almost 40-60 min waiting time, horrible! Somehow we managed to entertain them with snacks and observation games.

Overall I would say, it was a good experience for the kids and I walked a lot. But, It's not a place I would go back to.

Here is a short evaluation done by my kids, with a scale of 1-10 (1 being the least liked)

A. girl (13 yr old): location/design - 8, rides - 7 (favorite: indiana jones), food - 5
Vt. girl (11 yr old): location/design - 10, rides - 9 (favorite: wild west train), food - 8
Vk. boy (9 yr old): location/design - 10, rides - 10 (favorite: pirates of the Caribbean boat and Buzz), food-10
Y. boy (3yr old): location/design - 10, rides - 5 (favorite: train ride), food - 2

They were overall expecting more rides and longer duration for each ride.

But we all agreed that the final firework show was the highlight of the day.

Conclusion: A good place to go with kids, but not a must. There are other places you can visit in Paris.

And of course, we brought two new friends home with us... meet Poutine the snake on the right, and Gigos the lezard on the left.

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