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Lake Sevan, day 1: Wishup Shore

I was avoiding Sevan lake for the past couple of years. The major part of the area had become over the years a barbecue joint with little space left in nature to enjoy swimming and rest on the shore. An overflow of poorly designed restaurants with a bad taste of music had taken over most of the touristic parts.
Being born near the mediterranean and now living in a land-locked country for the past 13 years surrounded mainly by mountains, i often feel the urge to be near the sea. So a trip to lake Sevan remains the only alternative for the moment.

Last year, my 10 year-old son attended a summer Waldorf camp at the Wishup shore, near Shorja (lake Sevan) and when i visited him, I immediately fell in love with the place.  It was nothing like the lake Sevan I knew. It was far away from all touristic areas, isolated, with a magnificent shore and view of the lake. A family from the Waldorf School was running the place. There was a nice small cafe/bar on the shore, with excellent music and cute wooden sitting areas. The Camp had the options of sleeping in tents or cabins. During the 10-day summer Waldorf camp, many activities were offered and kids had a blast experiencing canoeing, building their own raft, sleeping in a tent, making fire, learning knots, etc.

We decided to come back and stay with the whole family for 2 nights. We rented one of the cabins near the shore.
The first day was excellent! we spent the afternoon swimming in the lake, walking around, playing with sand. The older kids enjoyed canoeing. We ended the day with a nice supper of fresh fish from the lake served at the bar on the shore and relaxing under an amazing sky full of stars.
This place is unique and amazing both for kids and adults. The best way of experiencing lake Sevan!

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